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Shaves2U Product Review: Simply brilliant piece of kit!

I started using the Shaves2U razor a while ago and have only just gotten around to writing a review. Over the years I have used many forms of shaving products from disposables to electric. It turns out that my old razor wasn’t the “best a man can get” after all! Before deciding to buy this product, I read all the Shaves2U reviews available. I am quite skeptical of claims made on manufacturers websites.

I thought it’s a typical Facebook ad for stuff you’re not going to actually buy something worth your while. Well, I have to say I am glad I clicked on it. This razor blows the branded razors away! It’s cheap but why. I really don’t know. I opted for the 3 blade razor. It doesn’t tug at the hairs.

shaves2U trial Kit

Well, I had a beard after 3 weeks of not shaving. My top end Gillette would tug at and be very painful and take ages to remove my beard. With Shaves2U I had no issues it was pain free and didn’t tug or hurt. In fact, it was must faster than any razor I have tried, also the closest shave I have ever had.

Shaves2U Razor and Shaves cream
3 blades Shaves2U

This is an amazing product. For day to day shaving, I’d say it’s a notch above your usual gillette etc but for weekend or more stubble, it’s in a different league. If you like to grow a bit of stubble at weekends or whenever, you should try this!!

What You Paid, What You Get

I am happy to say that Shaves2U have delivered on their claims. The whole service is excellent. I subscribed to the shaving plan and have 4 blades sent to me every 3 months. I am not pressured in any way to buy more. They always arrive on time.

Conclusion to Shaves2U Review

As a person who hates shaving, I always viewed the idea of having positive thoughts about a razor as being a total waste of valuable brain cells!! However, I have no regrets trying this product, Shaves2U has been so much better than I could ever have anticipated. Shaves2U razor simply does not pull hair, so I am very happy! 😀 Hope you guys happy to ready my Shaves2U review’s post and if you’re interested in their product simply just visit their website at now!

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