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The Importance of Promoting Your Job Advertisement Well

When it’s finally time to take up new members of your team, you will have to put up a listing for it. A job advertisement in Malaysia has the potential candidates for you, but only if you market them well. Why is it essential to promote your listing and how will that benefit you?

Why is it important to market a job vacancy?

Even if your team writes the most exciting job listing, it might not be as effective in attracting candidates if it’s not promoted well. Hence, having proactive marketing strategies in mind secures you a chance that your ad gets a broader reach of candidates. On top of that, you’ll also have to work to make sure that your ad is a stand-out so they could compete with other companies. 

An effective job advertisement strategy doesn’t hinge on a single tactic. Here are three easy ways that you can include the next time you’re starting a job advertising campaign. 

Appeal to candidates

When writing a listing, keep in mind that the best candidate out there are highly sought after so you need to be interesting. A good job advertisement needs to be exciting, compelling and very convincing about what makes your organisation so attractive, and why the role is an excellent opportunity for them. Keep it concise, but clear so they could process your offer in a short time. Above all, keep it engaging by speaking directly to the candidate.

job advertisement in Malaysia jobstreet

Keep it clear

Many companies fall into the trap of embellishing and adding unnecessary words to attract the candidates, especially younger ones. Gimmicky job titles such as ‘Administration Genius’ or ‘Salad Artist’ might seem like a good idea. However, your candidates do not get the immediate idea if this position is relevant for them. Besides that, adding extra redundant words will affect the search engine optimisation (SEO) qualities of your job advertisement.

Add visuals and videos

Adding visuals to your job listing makes your ad attention-grabbing and stand out from a wall of text of listings. A clean and appropriate visual has the potential to not only attract the right candidate, but it could also convey the necessary information of your offer effectively! Research shows that 51% of job seekers are more attracted to a company that has job postings with visual elements – images or videos, than to a company that doesn’t.


When you’re ready to take on new members on your team, an effective job advertisement in Malaysia could get you the talent you need. Have a vacancy to advertise? Learn more on how you can advertise your listings to jobseekers here

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