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What’s the deal with bezel-free phones?

Phones with almost to no bezels have grown in popularity in the past few years. Some believe the trend began when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone with a touchscreen surrounded by a thick rectangular frame in 2007.

Now, other phone brands like Huawei’s Mate20 Pro and the Vivo V9 are also adopting the bezel-less design.

So, what’s the deal with the obsession with shrinking bezels?

Testing the limits

Smartphone developers have always been trying to push the boundaries for phone designs. They made screens bigger, edges rounder, and some even removed headphone jacks.

And reducing bezels to almost to none is one of the efforts of testing the limits of phone design. A bezel-less phone has been in the works for many companies, not just Apple, for many years.

vivo v9

Challenges of going bezel-free

Going bezel-free isn’t just as simple as removing bezels from phone screens. Sensors and buttons have to go somewhere.

For example, iPhone had to remove the home button and cram the electronics for Face ID into the tiny part on top of the screen. For XiaoMi users, they complained about the poor sound quality after the company removed the external speakers out of Mi Mix.

However, phone companies still value large screen size over anything else, even if it means lesser protection and fingers are smudging the screen.

More space for screens

The advantage of bezel-free phones is obviously, more space for photo and video content. You’re also getting more screen with an average-sized phone.

It is essential to know that phones are never truly bezel-free. It’s subtle, but the screens are still connected to the phone body. However, phone companies are working on getting rid of bezel altogether.


The bezel-free trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon as companies continue to chip away the bezel, bit by bit. It won’t be a surprise if humans manage to create a true bezel-free phone, similar to how science fiction writers who imagined glassy, frameless rectangular phones.

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